Origins of the BE MIGHTY Project

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We all face hardships eventually the only question is how we deal with them; are we going to let ourselves be defined by the hardship or are we going to be transformed and meet the challenge? Either way it's our choice.

The BE MIGHTY project began in May of 2015 with an idea to post anonymous inspirational street art flyers around NYC to inspire people in little ways, to nudge people into action and help them find their own path towards their dreams and to give them advice to overcoming their own obstacles & challenges.

Staying focused on positive thoughts and ideas helped artist and entrepreneur, Terrence Kelleman, transform a challenging situation in his personal and professional life into a practice of positive thought that helped not only himself but thousands of passers by.
Small actions, everyday repeated daily lead to massive change over time. But, you have to take action! Sometimes that action is just taking a tab off a flyer, sometimes it’s sharing a quote on instagram or telling others about the meaning it had for you and sometimes it’s getting directly involved in transforming ourselves or the lives of others. It's ONLY through direct action, in verbalizing, visualizing that change comes. 

Spreading inspiration and words of wisdom by encouraging action in others in anonymous ways helps build a more enlightened society, people and culture. The BE MIGHTY project seeks to enlighten and inspire the dream makers and risk takers while giving confidence and inspiration to those underserved hiding in the shadows in need of an encouraging nudge of support.